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ESDC Accredited Training Programs

Health Recovery Professionals Institute is a Post-Secondary Institution that offers qualifying educational programs that are specifically designed to provide or improve a person’s skills in a recognized occupation.


Training programs are approved and recognized federally by Employment and Social Development Canada #7009/13786 and tuition is tax deductible.

Health Recovery Professionals Institute is accredited by EBNMP Canada and The General Osteopathic Council of Canada.

Graduates of our training programs must affiliate themselves to a Non-Legislated Healthcare Association to enable them to practice and receive insurance payments for their client services.


Titles that may be applied for include

  • Doctorate of Natural Medicine®

  • Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® 

  • Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Therapy©

  • Registered Ayurveda Practitioner©

  • Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner®

Natural Healing Practitioner - Diploma in Naturotherapy 1500 hours

The course is an entry-level program that requires students to complete approximately 900 hours of independent study comprised of email lectures and home assignments and attend 300 hours of mentorship and Clinical training over 60 weeks which include patient cases.


The Naturotherapist program focuses primarily on the subjects of Natural Healing, client communication and interview, case history taking, and Ethics, as well as knowledge gained on assessment of vital signs, healing techniques, protocols and Modalities use in Natural Healing and Wellness.


Common healing modalities include Lifestyle, Diet, Herbs, Nutrition and Coaching.

Osteopath Manual Practitioner – Diploma in Manual Osteopathy 3200 hours

The course is entry-level and is designed to graduate a student at Level A – Osteomyology or Level B – Osteopath Manual Practitioner.


Training requires students to attend 1000 hours of classroom theory & practical teaching, supervised mentorship to include a 30-hour final clinical exam, 500 hours of documented case studies including Osteopathy Synopsis, 500 hours of patient care, Treatment of Mechanical Dysfunction, and Clinical Application of Osteopathic Practice.


Workbooks, email lectures, independent study, home assignments, and written examinations, 600 hours of clinical placement and internship plus 600 hours of Thesis on Osteopathic Treatment for numerous Health Conditions.


Duration of the OMP program is 3 years and focuses on the subjects of Foundation and Core competencies, Massage for Orthopedic Conditions, Physiologic Therapy, Patient Care and General Osteopathic Technique.

Natural Healing Practitioner – Diploma in Ayurveda  2000 hours

The course is designed as an entry level program and requires students to complete 1000 hours of lectures delivered by email in pdf text, PowerPoint and open book lectures, complete approximately 600 hours of homework assignments that include independent study, patient case studies and documented research in addition to 400 hours of placement & mentorship.


Eastern Medicine program focuses primarily on the comprehensive knowledge of Ayurveda, with an in-depth overview of Unani and Oriental Healing systems where the assessment of a patient’s health and the skill to provide appropriate treatment for both curative and preventative healthcare are learnt and executed.

Holistic Nutritionist – Diploma in Nutrition 500 hours

The course is an entry level program that requires students to complete approximately 400 hours of independent study and 100 hours of client based documented assignments over 30 weeks comprised of email lectures and home assignments.


The Practitioner of Natural Healing – Holistic Nutritionist focuses primarily on the subjects of Nutritional Healing and Diet, Lifestyle guidance for both personal and professional Health Management, Nutrition Protocols; Mineral and Trace Elemental therapy and a text on Anthropology - Stone Age Shamanism to Post Industrial Healing.

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