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Health Recovery Professionals Institute

Due to an unprecedented demand, we have the pleasure of announcing a totally new career path. 

Health Recovery Professionals Institute is to produce the first-ever Practitioner of Natural Healing

undergraduate course amalgamating many innovative forms of treatment procedures and protocols.

  • 2 - 4 years Online / Residential program resulting in a professional title

  • Four - five day practical hands-on residential pre-year

  • Year 4 - Clinical Placement

  • Numerous 1-day practical CPD Workshops

  • Top lecturers teaching to the highest Canadian standards

The 2-4 year modular courses are a combination of online and email learning and

practical workshops leading to a Diploma in Naturotherapy, a Diploma in Ayurveda,

a Diploma in Nutrition, a Diploma in Osteomyology,

and a Diploma in Manual Osteopathy.


Graduates must affiliate themselves with a Non-Legislated Healthcare Association to

enable them to practice and receive insurance payments for their client services.

The HRP Institute trains Practitioners to an exceedingly high standard which enables graduates

to become skilled and in-demand Therapists.

Practitioners of Natural Healing is classified by the Canadian system for the description

of an occupation - National Occupation Classification, NOC 32209.


Natural Healing Practitioners aim their treatment at the rejuvenation of the body

leading to the restoration of vigor and in the preservation and promotion

of positive health and well-being, using the Guiding Principles of Naturopathy

with its extensive knowledge and application of Therapeutics and Muscular-skeletal

bodywork to include the treatment of visceral, nervous, and energetic systems. 

Natural Healing
The Future - Your Future

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