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About Us

Health Recovery Professionals is an established Toronto Private Practice since 2001. A professional environment is maintained, where patients receive consultations on Drugless Healthcare Treatment and solutions to their struggle with health concerns. Natural Medicine is the largest growing movement world-wide as populations look to Alternative and Complementary treatment for a method of preventing and correcting the onset of chronic symptoms and diseases. The main goals are to guide patients in their journey to wellness as well as educate on the choices in Drugless Healthcare Treatment as an individual choice in recovery or in collaboration with Primary Health Care.

Consultations address a variety of physical ailments including repetitive strain, motor vehicle and sports-related injuries as well as general feeling of malaise and chronic fatigue. Most extended health insurance covers the consultation.

Whilst Natural Medicine is generally safe and effective for most conditions, a referral from your Primary Health Care Physician is needed to begin the journey to wellness. Ongoing visits with your family physician is advised before taking herbal medicine, dietary modification or the use of remedies, especially when pregnant, breast-feeding or on prescribed medication.

Clinic Founder, Professor June A. Kelly PhD, DO, Registered Acupuncturist, brings many years of training and experience in Natural Health Care to promote rehabilitation, education and confidence in Drugless Healthcare Treatment whether patients consider it to be Alternative / Complementary Medicine or an Integration of their existing health care routine.

Consultations are available by appointment and referral only. Please contact us for an appointment at the location of your choice.

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